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Le Comptoir Général


Here is an alternative huge venue like you often find in Barcelona or Berlin, but rarely in Paris. This militant and offbeat bar with deceptively colonial décor has been converted into an old barn covering 600m2 with exposed stone. The checkerboard floor, shabby chic furniture and Africa curiosities piled up in every corner create a mystical atmosphere. Only people in the know are privy to the Comptoir Général, hidden behind a little scatter of houses on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin. Meet up with friends for cocktail hour to have a catch up in a relaxed atmosphere with gentle african vibes playing in the background. Once you go in, the corridor decorated with old chandeliers and a red carpet sets the tone and displays a Françafrique exhibition with portraits of African dictators hanging on the wall escorting you through to the bar.

Distance : 400 meter
80 Quai de Jemmapes
75010 PARIS